Better Serve Your Patients with Our Trauma Nurse Core Course

Better Serve Your Patients with Our Trauma Nurse Core Course - Calgary Emergency Education - Calgary Emergency Education

Trauma patients make up many of the people that come and go through emergency medical centres. Traumatic injuries are typically very serious and must be dealt with quickly and effectively to prevent long lasting effects on the patient. Nurses and medical staff who work in the field know firsthand how stressful dealing with a major traumatic injury can be. Prepare yourself to handle all that will be thrown at you with our Trauma Nurse Core Course.

What Is It?

Our Trauma Nurse Core Course (TNCC) is developed by the Emergency Nurses Association, an American-based group of professionals that represents emergency nursing. The TNCC is internationally recognized as the first of its kind as an intensive course designed to prep nurses to work in emergency medicine. The goal of the course is to provide nurses with the knowledge, skills, and hands-on training required to serve in a demanding emergency environment. Nurses who complete our TNCC course are ready to provide superior and expert care for all trauma patients.

Course Details

The course itself is a two day long, 20 hour intensive and thorough examination of the care of trauma patients. We understand that the quality of the course we offer may some day very well determine the fate of the lives of trauma patients. As such, we hire only expert emergency nurses who are highly experienced in their field and able to communicate effectively to a class. Our classes are at maximum 24 students in size, allowing you to easily engage with the instructor and the material. When you take the TNCC with us, you’re providing yourself with quality education taught by experienced individuals who will prepare you to face the challenges that they’re well practiced to tackle.

Who Is Eligible?

To participate in this course, you must be a nurse who is currently registered with a College of Nursing. Full registration is open to certified GNs and RNs, although interested LPNs are welcome to audit the course. Once completed, your certificate is valid for the next 4 years. Interested individuals are welcome to contact us for further information.

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