Developed by the Heart & Stroke Foundation, BLS is a beginner course in CPR. Over the course, you’ll learn the basic skills needed to perform CPR and keep a victim alive while waiting for medical personnel to arrive on scene.

At Calgary Emergency Education, we specialize in working with hospitals and EMS to offer Basic Life Support. The professionals who work or study in the medical field need to annually renew this course, and we’re here to offer a convenient time and place to do just that. However, we’re also happy to offer BLS as a fundamental community course to lifeguards, yoga instructors, leaders for Guides or Scouts Canada, and more. There are no prerequisites for taking this course except interest, so if you can generate enough interest to form a group of students, we’ll come where we’re needed!

For large groups, this course usually takes around 4 hours to complete. Smaller groups may be able to finish in as little as 2 hours. Class sizes can be as small or large as you want. We don’t offer this course routinely. Instead, we provide BLS on an as-needed basis from our students. Tell us where you need us to be and when, and our expert educators will be there!

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