Developed by International Trauma Life Support (ITLS), this course provides a comprehensive approach to core knowledge and skills. ITLS works to offer all health professionals the knowledge appropriate to their level in order to help prevent needless death and disability from trauma. The ITLS training course has become the accepted international standard for prehospital trauma care. It is required by the paramedic college, and Calgary Emergency Education specializes in adapting the program specifically for  EMR, EMT (PCP and ACP), and RNs. However, our talented team of educators are happy to offer this course to anyone interested in prehospital trauma care.

ITLS was carefully crafted to be appropriate for all levels of EMS personnel. The course includes 8 hours of classroom instruction, 8 hours of hands-on skills training, and the option to take either your ITLS Basic or ITLS Advanced certification. The skill based, hands-on stations let you practice the abilities appropriate to your level of certification. Basic ITLS is perfect for EMT-Bs and first responders, while advanced EMTS, paramedics, trauma nurses, and physicians will benefit most by striving for the more rigorous level.

The first 8 hours of classroom instruction can be done online or in a physical classroom. The hand-on skill training must be done in a 1-day class session. We offer both 2 day sessions for those who work better in a classroom environment and 1 day sessions for those who just need the hands on portion. ITLS is good for 3 years, and can be renewed in a single day course.

At Calgary Emergency Education, you’ll find small class sizes of 18-24 students. Our instructors are world class and have extensive experience in prehospital trauma that you will not find anywhere else. Our wonderful educators are part of the reason we have students come back to renew with us every three years, and we trust that you’ll benefit from their passion and expertise.

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