Developed by the Health & Stroke Foundation, PALS provides an opportunity to learn how to assess and resuscitate critically ill children with class work and many case study scenarios for shock, cardiac and respiratory distress. In this comprehensive cases, students will review every detail as they gather the evidence they need to make an informed response to these common presentations. Students wanting to specialize in pediatric advanced life support will need to first take the beginner course Basic Life Support (BLS). However, Calgary Emergency Education facilitates students taking their BLS with us the same day as they take PALS if necessary.

PALS is an important course for any advanced healthcare provider who works with children. This course is highly medical in nature, so it’s not recommended for non-medical professionals who work with children in general. For teachers, day care professionals, and other who work with children in a non-medical context, we recommend PEARS instead.

Like ACLS, PALS is a 14 hour (2-day) course. There is a few hours of work to do from home before attending our full day class. PALS needs to be renewed every 2 years, but we’ve found health providers benefit from extra practice and exposure in retaking the full class, so we do not offer the shorter renewal curriculum. Your education is our top priority, and that’s what brings our students back year after year.

At Calgary Emergency Education, you’ll also find small class sizes in great ratios! We have one instructor for every four students. This ensures your questions are answered quickly and you receive all the personal attention you can stand.

Children aren’t small adults. It’s important to study best practices for children rather than just extrapolate from your knowledge of adults. If you want to provide the children in your care with the best treatments developed just for them, PALS can help give you the knowledge and skills you need.

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