Who Needs to Take Basic Life Support?

Who Needs to Take Basic Life Support? - Calgary Emergency Education - BLS Courses

While it is an obvious certainty for those working in emergency medicine or the healthcare field, there are many other groups and occupations that require or greatly benefit from taking a basic life support (BLS) course. Taking a BLS course is a way of assuring your employers or the company that you know what to do in an emergency situation such as a heart attack, something that can happen at any time and any place.

What Is Our Basic Life Support Course?

The Basic Life Support course, also known as CPR training, was developed by the Heart & Stroke Foundation. The overarching goal of the course is to teach you the basic skills required to perform CPR during an emergency to keep a victim alive until medical personnel are able to arrive. Although not a long term solution, performing CPR can be a critically important action that buys a victim extra time and is potentially life saving. The unfortunate reality is that a heart attack can strike anywhere and anytime, making the skills that this course provides to you widely applicable.

What Makes Our Course Unique?

Our BLS course can be specially tailored for the size of the group, with larger groups taking around 4 hours to complete while smaller groups may only take half that time. Calgary Emergency Education works with hospital staff and medical professionals to ensure that techniques are always up to date and effective. We’ve designed our course to train first responders in the community in both single-rescue scenarios, as well as team basic life support skills that can be applied during in-facility settings.

Who Should Take Our Course?

There is no prerequisite needed to register for our course! A keen interest and willingness to learn is all that is required, along with a group of students. A BLS course may be mandatory for many professions including yoga instructors, oil field workers, scout leaders, and bus drivers. Some volunteer roles, especially in hospitals and care homes, may also require it. If nothing else, taking a BLS course will provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to take charge in an emergency scenario and can save someone’s life.

The more people we can get BLS certified, the safer the community will become for heart attack victims! Calgary Emergency Education is committed to providing the best BLS course that there is. If you have any questions or wish to book your course today, don’t hesitate to reach us at 403-836-3960.